Find Your Ideal Clients in Minutes with AI-Enhanced Prospecting

Openlead offers flexible, affordable AI-enhanced prospecting with millions of companies in our database. No long-term commitment required.

How it works

Access Crucial Company Data Instantly and Integrate it Seamlessly

Apply Advanced Filters, Enhance with AI, and Export Detailed Leads to CSV Without the Hassle

Refine Your Search with Advanced Filters

With our detailed filtering options, finding the right prospects has never been easier.

  • 744 Industry Filters: Narrow down your search to specific industries.
  • 36 Data Points per Company: Access detailed information to better understand each prospect.
A list of B2B service providers in California.

Enhance Your Leads with AI Data Enrichment

Tired of incomplete or outdated lead information?

Our AI Data Enrichment feature automatically updates and enriches your lead data with the latest and most relevant information. This ensures you have accurate details about your prospects, allowing for more personalized and effective outreach.

A pie chart showing the percentage of a company's expenses.

Streamline Your Workflow with CSV Export

Simplify your lead management process and keep all your information organized with our convenient CSV Export feature.

  • Quick Data Export: Download your lead data in CSV format with just a few clicks.
  • Seamless Integration: Import the data into your favorite CRM or spreadsheet tool for further analysis and tracking.
A list of companies with their contact information.
Data Providers

Connect with Trusted
Data Sources

Get accurate, up-to-date information from leading data sources to find and connect with your ideal clients.


HubSpot offers robust CRM and marketing tools to help you manage customer relationships and automate your marketing efforts.

Google Maps

Google Maps provides precise geographic and business location data to enhance your mapping and location-based services.

Clearbit delivers comprehensive business intelligence to help you identify and understand your customers better.

Shopify powers eCommerce solutions, offering detailed insights into online store performance and customer behaviors.

Crunchbase is the go-to source for business information on startups, funding, and industry trends.

Semrush offers advanced SEO and online marketing tools to optimize your digital presence and outperform competitors.


Simple, Affordable Pricing

Access comprehensive company data starting at just $99/month.

Discover our Features

Access up to 250 companies for $99/month.
Access up to 500 companies for $179/month.
Unlimited searches and company data for $249/month.
Number of Companies
The number of unique companies you can access each month
Number of Datapoints
Comprehensive profiles on each company, including key contacts, business overview, and more
Financial Information
Revenue, profit margins, and other financial metrics
Website Performance Data
Insights into website traffic, engagement metrics, and online presence
Verified Emails & Phone Numbers
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Advanced Filtering Options
Refine your search with advanced filters to pinpoint the companies that best match your criteria
Export to CSV
Easily export company data into CSV or Excel format for offline analysis and record-keeping
AI Data Enrichment
Enhance your data with AI-driven insights.
Receive fast and dedicated support from our team to resolve any issues or answer questions
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Frequently Asked Questions about Openlead

How does Openlead work?

Openlead leverages advanced AI technology to search through an extensive database of companies, matching your ideal client profile.

Our platform identifies companies that align with your target audience, providing detailed information for personalized outreach. This AI-driven approach enhances your prospecting efforts by:

  • Identifying lookalike audiences.
  • Highlighting hidden opportunities.
  • Streamlining your outreach process.

Explore the technology behind Openlead on our How It Works page.

How much does Openlead cost?

Openlead offers two pricing tiers with full platform access starting at $99/month, designed to meet different business needs.

  • $99/month: Access up to 250 companies, ideal for solopreneurs and small teams.
  • $249/month: Unlimited company information and searches, perfect for businesses with larger needs.

Both plans provide full access to our AI-powered features. For more details, check out our Pricing page.

How accurate is the data provided by Openlead?

Our data is regularly updated and validated to ensure accuracy. While no database is perfect, we strive to provide the most reliable information available to help you make informed decisions.

While no database is perfect, we strive to provide the most reliable information available. For more information about our data accuracy, check our Data Integrity page.

How do I get started with Openlead?

Getting started with Openlead is simple. Sign up on our website, choose your pricing plan, and begin exploring our extensive database of potential clients.

Our user-friendly interface and AI-powered search tools will help you find the right prospects quickly. Visit our Get Started page for step-by-step instructions.

Find Your Ideal Clients with AI-Enhanced Prospecting

Access Affordable Lead Information Today and Grow Your Business