What is a sales pipeline?

A visual representation of where prospects are in the sales process.

A sales pipeline is a visual tool used by sales teams to track the progress of prospects as they move through different stages of the sales process. It helps in forecasting sales and identifying bottlenecks.

A sales pipeline is a visual representation that outlines the various stages prospects go through as they progress from initial contact to becoming a paying customer. It is an essential tool for sales teams to manage and track their sales process. Typically, a sales pipeline includes stages such as lead generation, qualification, proposal, negotiation, and closing. Each stage represents a step in the journey of turning a prospect into a customer. By using a sales pipeline, sales professionals can monitor the status of their prospects, identify which stage they are in, forecast future sales based on the volume and progression of prospects, and pinpoint any potential bottlenecks or areas that require additional focus or resources.

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