What is a sales territory?

The geographic area assigned to a salesperson or team.

A sales territory is a specific geographic area or market segment assigned to a salesperson or sales team. It defines where they should focus their sales efforts and helps in managing resources and strategies effectively.

A sales territory refers to a defined geographic area or market segment that is assigned to a salesperson or sales team. The primary purpose of designating sales territories is to ensure that sales efforts are evenly distributed and that each area receives adequate attention. Territories can be defined based on various criteria, including geographic boundaries, industry sectors, customer segments, or a combination of these factors. Effective territory management involves analyzing market potential, allocating resources, setting goals, and tracking performance within each territory. By organizing sales efforts in this manner, companies can optimize coverage, improve customer service, and increase overall sales efficiency. Sales territories also help in managing workload distribution among sales teams and ensuring that each representative has a clear and manageable area of focus.

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