Data & Accuracy

What kind of quality checks are performed on the data before it is used for lead generation?

Before any data is used for lead generation on, it undergoes a series of rigorous quality checks to ensure its accuracy and relevancy. Here are the key stages in our data quality assurance process:

  1. Source Verification: The first check involves validating the credibility of the data source. We ensure that data is only gathered from reputable and reliable sources.
  2. Data Cleansing: Next, the data is cleaned, which includes processes like removing duplicate entries, standardizing formats, addressing null or missing values, and correcting inaccuracies detected by our AI algorithms.
  3. Data Cross-Verification: The cleaned data is then cross-verified against other sources to confirm its accuracy. This step helps identify and rectify any discrepancies in the data.
  4. Data Relevance: We also perform checks to ensure the data's relevancy. This means confirming that the data aligns with your specific needs, such as the industry sector, tech stack, company size, etc.
  5. Compliance Check: Lastly, we ensure all the data used complies with applicable legal and ethical guidelines, including data privacy regulations.

It's only after these thorough checks that the data is used for lead generation in our platform. By incorporating these quality checks, ensures that you get the most accurate, reliable, and compliant leads to power your sales and marketing efforts.

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